The Journey Of A Real Estate Legend

Dated: July 21 2023

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   In the ever-changing world of real estate, few individuals have witnessed the changes and advancements quite like Regie Lloyd-our Local Real Estate Legend. A seasoned veteran with two decades of experience in the real estate industry, Regie's journey from being a mailman to a successful real estate agent reflects a life dedicated to community, and people.

   Regie's story begins long before his real estate career, as he spent many years serving as a dedicated mailman. The job allowed him to connect with the public, fostering a passion for working with people and cultivating strong relationships within his community. Retirement, for Regie, was merely a brief 30 days before: joining Bill Stepp and the team at Dilgard Auctions. Regie and his wife worked Dilgard auctions together for 15 years as well as his decision to also become a licensed real estate agent.

   Over the last two decades, Regie has witnessed the real estate industry transform, with technology playing a major role. The increase of online listings, virtual tours, and digital marketing has revolutionized the way properties are bought and sold.

   Regie's love for Ashland, his family, its close-knit community, and the beauty of its four seasons are some of the reasons he has made Ashland his home. As he reflects on the changes he's seen in the town, he focuses on the positive impact they've had. The growth and development have not only improved the town aesthetically but have also created new opportunities for both residents and businesses.

   Beyond his real estate endeavors, Regie is a familiar face at the Ashland Dairy Bar, a place that holds decades of cherished memories for him. Visiting the Dairy Bar for over 60 years, he always orders his favorite: a cheeseburger on a grilled bun with a side of cottage cheese and pineapple. The Dairy Bar was once a part of his mail route, and now it represents the essence of Ashland's enduring charm and nostalgia.

   When asked about his advice for new real estate agents, Regie offers two pieces of wisdom: honesty and determination. He believes that honesty is the foundation of a successful real estate career. By being truthful and transparent, an agent can build trust with their clients. Regie also encourages new agents to go the extra mile to meet their clients' needs.

   Regie's journey from mailman to real estate veteran is a testament to the power of embracing change, the importance of building meaningful connections with people, and the joy of giving back to the community you love. As Ashland continues to evolve, Regie remains a steadfast figure, ready to assist homebuyers and sellers in their pursuit of their dreams, ensuring that the town he loves continues to flourish for generations to come.


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