A Relaxing Escape: My Experience at Marigold Wellness Center

Dated: March 22 2024

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Yesterday, my friend and I were feeling extra fancy, and we thought, "Hey, why not treat ourselves?" We ended up at Marigold Wellness Center in Wadsworth, OH. This place is a total vibe, offering everything from salon and spa services to float sessions. And let me tell you, those float sessions are where it's at!

These not-so-hidden gems - the saltwater therapy pools, are amazing! Marigold has four of these rooms. Each room has a pool, shower, accessories that you need such as ear plugs (don’t want salt water in your ears), mood lighting, and towels. We each had our own room. The owner, Melissa, was so kind explaining everything to us and gave us instructions to put our phones on airplane mode so we could relax. One of us chose not to do this – yep, it was me. I really need to listen.

So, what is floating? Floating is an experience where you effortlessly float atop the buoyant waters of the pool. With 1,400 pounds of Epsom Salt, these pools provide unparalleled buoyancy, akin to the waters of the Dead Sea.

Why is it so good for us? Epsom Salt, renowned for its richness in Magnesium Ions, seeps through the skin during floating sessions. Magnesium, a vital mineral for our well-being, orchestrates over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Through floating, we replenish our magnesium levels, promoting relaxation, easing muscle tension, and fostering a sense of calm.

Floating isn't merely a physical experience; it can alleviate anxiety and depression, enhance sleep quality, and promote muscle recovery. Every moment spent in the Float Pools is a testament to self-care and rejuvenation. To say I slept like a rock last night is an understatement.

While you’re at Marigold head to the 24 Karrot Kitchen Café and ask for a lemonade. You know how I love a good lemonade!

Need a reset button? Give it a try.

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