Lucy, Lola & Luke. Moving With Pets? Here Are Some Great Tips!

Dated: April 5 2023

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We would like to introduce our Frenchie family.  This is Lucy, Lola and don't forget the famous Luke that everyone enjoys seeing around town keeping an eye on our NextHome Next Stepp listings!

Anyone who has ever moved knows how stressful it can be on yourself & your family,... but what about your pets? Our family moved to a new home awhile back , so we understand first hand what it means to have your pets transition into their new surroundings as easlity as possible! Making this change can be a little less painful if you plan ahead.

Take a moment to read through these easy tips to help your fur babies adjust to not only leaving their familiar surroundings, but adjust quickly and calmly to their wonderful new home.  If your pet is very nervous and anxious in general, this may be a good time to discuss with your vet what they might suggest to help make this process as painless as possible.  In the meantime, maybe a few of these tips might come in handy.

  • Many of you know, when you travel on occasion, somehow your pet knows when they see that suitcase that you will be leaving soon, and it can cause them to get nervousand even more glued to your side than usual.  We have found our pets in our suitcases as we were packing, hoping to hide under our clothes and not be left behind! If something like this has happened to you, remember that your pet isn't just seeing the suitcase, with a move they are seeing everything in their current home change.  Boxes sitting around, things being moved, this can all cause your pet to be concerned as to what is going to happen next.  Start sitting boxes ( & even a suitcase or 2) around the home early, let your pet get familiar with them and not afraid of what is to come.
  • Every home has its own set of rules that your pet will be expected to learn.  Start training them on what behavior you will want them to understand when they get to their new home.  Maybe you are moving from a more secluded location to a property in town. Your pet may be scared by the new sights and sounds that come along with neighbors.  Start taking your pet to locations that they will be able to interact with other dogs and their owners. Maybe a nearby dog park or a hiking path?  If possible, take them to the new neighborhood ahead of time. Start taking walks to help them become familiar with their surroundings.
  • With all the commotion of moving men, friends helping you unpack,family stoping by to see the new home, giving your pet a place to stay during those hours can be very helpful.  Maybe take them to their favorite buyddys house for a playdate. 
  • Make sure to pack a box with your pets' items and keep it handy so it is easily accessible for you to grab what you need as soon as your pet arrives at their new home.  Don't forget that ratty old toy that you thought several times you should just throw away. That familiar scent of home can be reassuring.  
  • Arrange beds, crates and toys as close to your old setupas you can.  As you get busy with the ove, it's hard to stay on schedule, but keeing their previous feeding and walking schedules as close to what they are accustomed to can be reassuring.
  • Is your pet microchipped? Although, we certainly don't want our pet to dart out the door and head back to the home they loved, being proactive in this respect can save you from the heartache of losing your pet.  Also, keep a current photo of them handy...just in case. 
  • Pet proof your new home.  Pets, like children, will find the oddest things to chew on.  Make sure the environment is safe for them to relax and enjoy their new territory.  If your new yard is fenced, make sure it is secure.  As you clean your new home when moving in make sure to keep those cleaning supplies our of reach.

All of us at NextHome Next Stepp are here for you if you need assistance,ideas or information on moving with pets.  We all know how important they are to all of us!! 

~Written by Dixie & Lorne Miller-Team Miller 

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Lucy, Lola & Luke. Moving With Pets? Here Are Some Great Tips!

         We would like to introduce our Frenchie family.  This is Lucy, Lola and don't forget the famous Luke that everyone enjoys seeing around town keeping an

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